10 Helpful Tips For Relics And Artifact Hunting


Hey adventurer! Want to unearth relics and artifact-hunting tips that have been hidden for centuries? It’s like becoming a detective of the past!

Every find has a story, offering us a glimpse into ancient times. If you’re eager to step into this world of discovery, here are some user-friendly tips to start your relic-hunting journey!

Tips to detect Relics and Artifact

Here are 10 tips for metal-detecting relics and artifact

  1. Learn the Laws
  2. Study History
  3. Get the Right Tools
  4. Join a Club
  5. Ask for Permission
  6. Be Patient
  7. Record Your Finds
  8. Handle With Care
  9. Learn to Identify
  10. Share Your Stories

1. Learn the Laws:

  • Rules Matter: I recommend before you start, you should make sure to learn about the laws in your area. Every place has its own rules about what can be found and kept. It is crucial to stick to them to keep your adventures trouble-free!

2. Study History:

  • Read Books: I suggest diving into history books and maps. The more you know about the past, the better your chances of knowing where to look for hidden treasures!

3. Get the Right Tools:

  • Gear Up: I strongly advise having the right equipment, like a sturdy shovel and a reliable metal detector like GoldXtra, as it can significantly enhance your treasure-hunting experience, making it more successful and fun.
  • Along with having the right equipment, like a sturdy shovel and a reliable metal detector like GoldXtra, gaining knowledge about tips for metal-detecting different targets can significantly improve your chances of unearthing hidden treasures and experiencing the full thrill of relic hunting

4. Join a Club:

  • Team Power: You must consider joining a club of fellow relic hunters. You’ll learn loads, plus it’s always more fun to explore with others.
  • These clubs often have experienced detectorists who spread their knowledge and share their experiences.

5. Ask for Permission:

  • Respect Boundaries: Always get permission if you’re exploring private lands. It’s a sign of respect and it’s also the law.
  • Respecting private properties and special locations is the code of conduct for the detectorists to follow.

6. Be Patient:

  • Take Your Time: Patience is key. Be patient, move slowly, and pay close attention to your surroundings.
  • You must know that striking targets in the early stages of your detecting journey is rare. You must be patient to detect, at first you’ll find more trash than treasure.

7. Record Your Finds:

  • Note It Down: I suggest keeping a record of what you find and where. It’s like your personal adventure diary.
  • You can share your recorded adventures with others with details.

8. Handle with Care:

  • Gentle Touch: I recommend being gentle when digging and cleaning your finds. Relics and artifacts can be fragile and precious.

9. Learn to Identify:

  • Knowledge is Power: It is essential to learn how to identify what you find. Each item has a story; the more you know, the more exciting your finds will be!

10. Share Your Stories:

  • Sharing your finds: You should share your discoveries and stories with others. It makes the experience richer and who knows, you might inspire someone else to become a relic hunter!


Relic and artifact hunting is like stepping into a time machine. Each item you find is a piece of history, a silent witness to the past. Remember, it’s not just about finding treasures, but also about the thrill of the hunt, the joy of learning, and the excitement of touching something ancient.

So, I urge you to gear up, stay curious, and step into the exciting world of relic hunting. Happy treasure hunting, and may your journeys be filled with amazing discoveries!

Howard rockse

Hey there, I am Howard a deeply committed individual who likes to share my knowledge and insights in this field, having spent over ten years as a metal detectorist.

My experience with GoldXtra has allowed me to provide trustworthy and informative advice to both new and experienced metal-detecting enthusiasts. I’m committed to assisting others in exploring and enjoying the world of metal detecting with the same enthusiasm and dedication that I have.

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