Who We Are

Founded in 2021, GOLDXTRA is a high-tech Canadian company that focuses on producing the world’s best gold, metal, and other treasure detectors.


Our Story

After a long research on metal detectors of famous brands in the world, we understand the need for a new device in the market due to dissatisfaction with their devices. We design our metal detectors with depth and stability by studying metal detectors and viewing them. They get the satisfaction of users.

Our detector expertise is quality, design, price and specifications, exceptional stability and unmatched depth that you won’t find in any other brand of detectors.

Our goal is to become one of the best metal detector brands and satisfy users with our products.


Our Vision and Mission

Be the world’s number one destination for treasure hunters by offering the industry’s most advanced and results-oriented detector technologies, including gold, metal, coin, antiquities, and artifact detectors.

Our mission is to provide the treasure hunter’s dream metal detectors with Xtra depth and Xtra stability, a device that will perform at its best in most areas/ground conditions.