8 Tips for Treasure Detecting


Hey, treasure hunters! Have you ever dreamed of finding hidden treasures buried deep under the ground or lost for centuries? Well, treasure detecting can make those dreams come true!

It’s a super fun and exciting hobby where you can discover cool artifacts, coins, jewelry, and, who knows, maybe even a hidden pirate treasure! Here are eight easy tips from GoldXtra to get you started.

Tips for Treasure Detecting

  1. Start with research
  2. Get the right gear
  3. Ask for permission
  4. Practice makes perfect
  5. Take care of your finds
  6. Join a club
  7. Record your adventure
  8. Safety first

1. Start with research:

  • Read Up: Look for books, articles, or online resources about treasure hunting. I recommend focusing on specific types of treasures, like coins, relics, and artifacts to refine your search strategies.
  • Old Maps: Check out old maps. They can give you clues about where people lived or visited in the past and where treasures might be hidden.

    I suggest looking for areas known for historic battles or settlements, as they are often rich in relics and artifacts.

2. Get the Right Gear:

  • Digging Tools: Don’t forget something to dig with. Once your detector finds something, you’ll need to uncover it! For metal-detecting coins, having a pinpointing tool can be very helpful.

3. Ask for permission:

  • Private Lands: If you want to explore someone’s land, always ask for permission. It’s the right thing to do.
  • Rules: Some places have specific rules about treasure hunting. You must make sure to follow them.

4. Practice makes perfect.

  • Test Runs: Try using your metal detector in your backyard or a local park (with permission, of course) to get the hang of it.
  • Listen Carefully: Pay attention to the beeps and learn what different sounds mean.

5. Take Care of Your Finds:

  • Cleaning: Learn how to clean your finds without damaging them. Some old items can be delicate. For relic and artifact hunting, knowing the appropriate cleaning methods is crucial to preserving their historical value.
  • Storage: Have a safe place to keep your treasures. 

6. Join a club:

  • Community: Join a treasure-hunting club. You can learn a lot from experienced hunters and make new friends.
  • Group Hunts: Participate in group hunts. It’s fun and safer, especially in new or large areas.

7. Record your adventures:

  • Journal: Keep a journal of where you searched, what you found, and any cool stories attached to your discoveries.
  • Photos: Snap photos of your finds. It’s a great way to remember your adventures!

8. Safety First:

  • Buddy System: Always bring a friend along. It’s safer and way more fun.
  • Gear: Wear appropriate clothing and sunscreen, and bring some water to stay hydrated.


Treasure-detecting is like being a detective and an explorer rolled into one. Every signal of the metal detector could mean there’s something awesome waiting just below the surface, ready for you to discover. 

Remember these eight tips, stay safe, and have a blast uncovering the hidden secrets that await you. Who knows, the next big treasure could have your name on it! Happy hunting! 

Howard rockse

Hey there, I am Howard a deeply committed individual who likes to share my knowledge and insights in this field, having spent over ten years as a metal detectorist.

My experience with GoldXtra has allowed me to provide trustworthy and informative advice to both new and experienced metal-detecting enthusiasts. I’m committed to assisting others in exploring and enjoying the world of metal detecting with the same enthusiasm and dedication that I have.

Howard Rockse
Senior Content Writer at GoldXtra

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