GoldXtra Detector Canada

GoldXtra Detector Canada

Welcome to GoldXtra Detectors—your premier destination for top-notch metal detectors, serving treasure hunters globally.

No matter your experience level, we have something that will fit your needs. From basic models for beginner metal detectors to highly advanced professional metal detectors for serious enthusiasts, our products are designed to enhance your metal-detecting experience

Our detectors are equipped with the latest metal detection technology to help you find what you’re looking for. We’ve got everything from simple metal detector designs for beginners to advanced systems for the experts.

Go Deeper with GoldXtra’s Deep Search Technology

Reach New Depths and uncover hidden treasures like never before with GoldXtra metal detectors. Our technology is designed to search deeper, letting you explore places others can’t reach. Whether it’s ancient relics or hidden coins, our detectors provide the power and precision needed for deep discovery.

Extremely Stable Performance with GoldXtra

Built with advanced metal detector technology our detectors ensure steady and reliable performance, helping you discover treasures effortlessly. 

Unaffected by ground mineralization and other environmental interferences, GoldXtra promises exceptional stability in all our devices, ensuring reliable performance during your treasure-hunting adventures.

Advanced Detectors for Gold Discovery

Our advanced metal detectors for gold are specifically designed to not just find metals but to confirm if it’s gold, giving you confidence in every discovery.

Renowned for best metal detector manufacturer for gold we integrated our gold detectors with revolutionary “Gold Mode”, crafted to detect gold effectively across different terrains.

Explore Any Landscape with Ease

Feel the excitement of discovering treasures in any landscape with GoldXtra’s versatile metal detectors. Whether it’s the mountains, beaches, or forests, our detectors are perfect for any adventure.

Highly Accurate Metal Discrimination – Hunt with Confidence

Our detectors are great at identifying the type of metal you detect, making your searches more accurate and effective. Equipped with advanced metal discrimination technology these devices accurately tell metals apart—like iron, copper, and gold—helping you find precious treasures easily.

Discover More with Our High-Precision Coils

Our top-quality coils enhance your searching accuracy, whether you’re exploring deep grounds or scanning the surface. We have various coils designed to fulfill your specific needs. They are designed to detect with great precision, making sure no treasure goes unnoticed

Durable and Easy to Use

Our metal detectors are designed for both durability and ease of use, ensuring that treasure hunting is enjoyable for everyone.

Warranty Support

GoldXtra backs each metal detector with a solid 3-year Warranty, showing our commitment to quality and our treasure hunting community.

Made in Canada

 As a proud Canadian brand, GoldXtra offers powerful metal detectors that enhance your treasure-hunting adventures.

Accessories and Gear

Upgrade your treasure hunting with our range of Metal Detecting Accessories and Gear. From precision metal detector coils to sturdy gear, we provide everything you need for your adventures.

Which Technology You Should Choose— PI or VLF?

Learn about the two leading technologies in metal detection: Pulse Induction (PI) and Very Low Frequency (VLF).

GoldXtra Pulse Induction Metal Detectors

Go Deeper in Your Search:
GoldXtra Pulse Induction Detectors are perfect for those interested in locating deep-buried treasures.

Effective on Tough Grounds:
GoldXtra’s PI technology is well-equipped to perform seamlessly in areas with heavy mineral content. Ideal for those looking to detect metals on difficult terrains such as sandy beaches with high salt content or other mineral-rich areas, our detectors ensure you find what you’re looking for without annoying interruptions.

Advanced, Yet Easy to Use:
Our Pulse Induction detectors are not only cutting-edge but also simple to operate, letting you focus on the excitement of the hunt, not the technology.

GoldXtra VLF Metal Detectors

Renowned for Accurate Discrimination of Metals:
GoldXtra’s VLF detectors are engineered to precisely identify valuable metals from unwanted items.
Our state-of-the-art discrimination technology ensures that every item you find is of value. Whether it’s an ancient relic, a piece of jewelry, or a rare coin, you’ll know your efforts are rewarded.

Exceptional Sensitivity:
Tailored to locate even the tiniest artifacts, the GoldXtra VLF detectors are ideal for thorough searches. Whether you’re a hobbyist or a professional, our detectors provide the accuracy you need.

All-Terrain Compatibility:
Our VLF detectors excel in any environment—from historical war sites to sunny beaches to tranquil woods. They are exceptionally flexible, allowing for easy adjustments to various soils and mineral compositions. This adaptability ensures a seamless treasure-hunting adventure, regardless of the location.

So Which is Suitable for You — Pulse Induction or VLF?

We have mentioned the prominent features of both these metal detector technologies now its up to you to decide which one is suitable for you.

Choosing the Right Metal Detector Type for Your Need

There are various types of metal detectors out there. It’s better to do the proper research before you decide which one is right for you.

Start your research by considering the different technologies available. Take a bit of time to look into which features might suit your needs.

Think about where you’ll be using your metal detector. Are you heading to the beach, trekking through the woods, or exploring old fields? Different terrains require different capabilities. Also, reflect on what you’re most interested in finding—coins, relics, jewelry, or maybe gold?

Once you’ve got a good idea of what you need, you’ll be better equipped to pick a metal detector that matches your treasure-hunting goals. At GoldXtra, we aim to guide you to the best choice for your pursuits.

GoldXtra Detectors isn’t just focusing on selling top-quality metal detectors, but also on building a community full of knowledgeable treasure hunters. We’re excited to share our expertise through easy-to-understand blog posts that help you get familiar with everything about metal detectors. 

Wondering whether metal detectors can detect gold? Dive into our detailed guides to discover how effective underground metal detectors are. Clearly understand what items you can expect to find with a metal detector. This will help you setting clear expectations for your treasure hunts.

Clear your concept about how deep metal detectors can detect to set realistic expectations.

Don’t miss our blog where you can find essential tips for metal detecting. Whether you need to know the best metal detector settings for gold or how to adjust your detector’s frequency for better results, we’ve got you covered.

Metals of various types and sizes respond best to certain frequency ranges. Learning about different metal detector frequencies can make your treasure hunting more successful. If you’re keen on discovering gold, it’s crucial to learn about the specific metal detector frequency for the type of gold you want to detect. 

It’s also beneficial to grasp the basic operation of a metal detector. Understanding how metal detectors work can give you an advantage, helping you find more treasures compared to others who might not know how these devices work.

Metal detecting is a popular hobby for many and a profitable venture for others. If you’re considering metal detecting as a way to earn income, it’s important to explore whether it can be profitable for you.

Knowing your metal detector’s settings is crucial for a successful treasure hunt. Even the most advanced metal detector won’t be effective if you’re not familiar with its essential settings. Also, avoid these common mistakes people make while adjusting metal detector settings.

If you’re planning to search underwater, be sure to use a device designed for underwater metal detection along with waterproof accessories. Not all detectors are waterproof, so always check the manual to understand the specifications of your equipment.

Also, there are different categories of waterproof metal detectors, so make sure you are aware of them to prevent your detector from getting damaged.

GoldXtra has manufactured an impressive range of the best metal detectors, each specialized for different metal detector applications. 

Whether you’re planning a day of metal detecting at the beach, searching for coins, hunting for jewelry, exploring old relics, or setting out on a treasure-hunting adventure, GoldXtra has the perfect solution tailored to meet your needs.”

Our range includes user-friendly metal detectors for sale, packed with the latest technology to help you find treasures like ancient coins, gold, or jewelry. We understand the thrill of the hunt and provide detectors that are easy to handle yet sophisticated enough to locate exactly what you’re searching for. 

Buy a metal detector from GoldXtra and equip yourself with one of the top metal detectors on the market in the USA, UK, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. Get ready to uncover hidden gems and create unforgettable moments.


GoldXtra TGX

MSRP $2800

Advanced Deep seeking Treasure Metal Detector with GOLD MODE & Ultra-Stability in rough terrains.

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Made in Canada

High Performance

Exceptional Stability

3 Years Warranty

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Our detectors are great at identifying the type of metal you detect, making your searches more accurate and effective. Equipped with advanced metal discrimination technology these devices accurately tell metals apart—like iron, copper, and gold—helping you find precious treasures easily.