4 Secrets of metal detection for different target

Beginners often struggle with the detection of different targets using metal detection because either they do not know what settings to use for which or they bought the wrong equipment for the job.

In this guide, we at Goldxtra will be sharing with you our 4 secrets of metal detection for different targets so that you don’t have to waste time experimenting and can get to what you truly love, finding treasure!

The performance of metal detectors varies from model to model, as they may all be made with different purposes in mind, like some specializing in coin hunting while others are for relics.

Recognizing the difference between different targets, like treasure artifacts, coins, gold nuggets, or more generalized treasures, is very important to succeeding in treasure hunting.

Without wasting any time, let’s get started:

Secrets for Metal Detection

  • Diving deep into coins
  • The secrets of buried treasures
  • Striking Gold
  • Mastering the art of treasure hunting

Diving Deep into Coins

Everyone loves the jingle of coins, especially if they’re old and rare! If coin hunting is your passion:

  • Location is key: Think of places people once gathered: old parks, schoolyards, or even forgotten fairgrounds. These are prime spots where coins might be lurking.
  • Listen and learn: Every detector has its own unique tone for different metals. Spend time understanding what your device is trying to tell you.
  • Gentle care matters: Did you find an old coin? Great! But handle it with care. Use simple methods like soaking in distilled water to clean without causing damage.

The Secrets of Buried Treasures

The idea of finding a long-lost or buried treasure chest or a relic from the past is nothing short of exciting. When hunting for larger treasures:

  • Research pays off: Dive into old maps, read up on local legends, and talk with longtime residents. They might share a clue leading to a hidden treasure.
  • Quality over everything: When aiming for bigger treasures, invest in a detector that can delve deeper and distinguish between metals accurately.
  • Respect the find: If you stumble upon something significant, handle it delicately. It might be worth contacting professionals to assess its value or historical relevance.

Striking Gold

Gold Nuggets Prospecting is a category of its own. For those dreaming of golden nuggets:

  • Know the terrain: Gold often rests in regions with volcanic traces or near quartz-rich areas. Streams, particularly those with waterfalls, might hide gold in their bends.
  • Special tools for special finds: Standard detectors might miss small nuggets. Gold-specific detectors can be game-changers.
  • Patience is golden: Gold hunting is challenging. Days might pass without a trace. But when you find that glittering piece, all the waiting becomes worthwhile.

Mastering the Art of Treasure Hunting

Beyond specific targets, general treasure-hunting secrets are as follows;

  • Prepare ahead: Before venturing out, equip yourself with knowledge about the area. A well-informed hunter is often a successful one.
  • Safety first: This isn’t just about protecting your finds but yourself too. Wear appropriate gear, be wary of terrains, and always inform someone about your whereabouts.
  • Enjoy the ride: More than the finds, it’s the thrill of the hunt that matters. Cherish the experiences, the stories, and the occasional surprises that come your way.


The world of treasure hunting is huge, with lots of things you can find with your metal detectors, like coins, artifacts, and gold bits, all through a fun but tough journey.

But if you know what to do and have the right tools, these tough parts become fun adventures.

We hope the information we provide in this guide will help you understand how different targets are detected using metal detectors and unearth the treasure that you have been searching for.

The best part of metal detecting isn’t just what you find, but the fun you have doing it. Spending time looking for stuff, getting excited when the detector beeps, and the joy when you find something is really special. 

The stories and memories you make while doing it are the real treasures.

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