Role Of Extra Coils in Metal Detection 

Metal detection is like a thrilling treasure hunt. Some treasures are deep in the ground, while others are close to the top. To find both, we need different tools. 

That’s where “Extra Coils in Metal Detection” help. Big coils are used for deep items, and small coils are for items near the surface. 

In this guide by GoldXtra, we’ll learn more about this essential component.

What Are Extra Coils in Metal Detection?

  • Extra coils are additional or alternative search coils that can be attached to metal detectors.
  • They vary in size and design compared to standard coils.
  • They can help in enhancing the detection depth and coverage area.

Why Extra Coils Are Important

  • Increase Detection Range: With extra coils, you can detect deeper and cover a broader area.
  • Versatility: Different coil types suit different terrains and search purposes.
  • Improved Signal: Some extra coils offer better signal clarity, especially in mineralized soils.

Benefits of Using Extra Coils

  • Better chances of finding valuable items.
  • Customizable experience based on search requirements.
  • Optimized performance in challenging conditions.

How Extra Coils Improve Detection

  • Wider Coverage: Larger coils scan bigger areas in a single sweep.
  • Deeper Searches: Certain coil designs penetrate deeper into the ground.
  • Improved Sensitivity: They can detect smaller objects that standard coils might miss.

Types of Metal Items Discoverable with Extra Coils

  • Antique coins and relics.
  • Gold nuggets in challenging terrains.
  • Deeply buried artifacts.
  • Smaller jewelry items.

Considerations When Using Extra Coils

  • The size of the coil affects maneuverability.
  • Weight can be an issue for extended use.
  • Compatibility with your specific metal detector model.

Different Types of Extra Coils

  • Concentric Coils: Great for general-purpose detecting.
  • Double-D Coils: Excellent for mineralized soils.
  • Mono Coils: Ideal for deep gold nugget detecting.

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Installing Extra Coils Correctly

  • Turn off the metal detector first.
  • Detach the standard coil by unscrewing or unclipping.
  • Attach the extra coil and secure it properly.
  • Turn on the detector and recalibrate if necessary.

Maximizing Depth and Sensitivity with Extra Coils

  • Use the right coil type for the terrain.
  • Adjust settings based on the coil’s specifications.
  • Periodically check coil connections for optimum performance.

Common Mistakes to Avoid with Extra Coils

  • Not checking compatibility with your detector.
  • Forgetting to recalibrate after changing coils.
  • Using a coil not suited for the specific terrain or target.

Extra Coils vs. Standard Coils: A Comparison

  • Depth: Extra coils often reach deeper than standard coils.
  • Coverage: Some extra coils offer a wider search area.
  • Sensitivity: Depending on the design, extra coils can be more sensitive to smaller objects.

Tips for Choosing the Right Extra Coils

  • Determine the primary purpose of your hunt: relics, coins, gold, etc.
  • Consider the terrain: beach, mineralized ground, parks, etc.
  • Research and choose a reputable brand like GoldXtra to ensure quality and compatibility.


Enhancing Your Metal Detection Experience with Extra Coils Embracing extra coils can take your metal detecting to new depths, quite literally. 

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned detectorist, integrating extra coils into your toolkit can make a significant difference. 

Remember, it’s not just about the detector but also how you equip it. With GoldXtra by your side, make every hunt an extraordinary adventure.

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