Metal Detector Accessories


Exploring the world with a metal detector opens up a realm of adventure and possibility, but having the right accessories can truly elevate the experience.

Here at Goldxtra Detectors, we understand the importance of equipping enthusiasts with top-notch tools to enhance their metal detecting ventures.

Our collection boasts a diverse array of accessories, ranging from essential digging tools to high-quality headphones and pinpointers.

Whether you’re a seasoned detectorist or just starting out, we offer products that cater to every skill level and budget.

From sturdy shovels to ergonomic headphones designed for prolonged wear, our inventory is curated to meet the needs of discerning hobbyists.

We believe that investing in the right accessories can streamline your detecting efforts, making each excursion not only enjoyable but also fruitful.

Let us guide you in assembling the perfect toolkit tailored to your preferences, ensuring that your metal detecting endeavors are characterized by ease, excitement, and success.

Types of Metal Detector Accessories

Metal detection accessories are tools and supplementary equipment crafted to make the detecting process seamless. 

They not only enhance the detecting experience but also ensure that every find, no matter how small, is treated with the utmost care.

1) Pinpointers

A pinpointer is a hand-held metal detector that resembles a wand and is used to detect the exact location of the target. 

Once your main detector has signaled a find, the pinpointer takes over to guide you to the exact spot. 

This reduces the area you need to dig and thereby cuts down on the time you spend on excavation. 

GoldXtra’s pinpointers are designed to be sensitive enough to detect small items, all while being easy to handle, ensuring that your treasure hunting is both efficient and precise.

2) Coil Covers

Think of coil covers as the armor for your metal detector’s most crucial component – the coil. These covers safeguard the coil against the harshness of the terrain, from rocky grounds to sandy beaches. 

A coil cover absorbs the shock of the impact, preventing scratches and dents that can compromise your detector’s sensitivity and lifespan. 

With a coil cover from GoldXtra, you’re not just protecting your equipment; you’re maintaining the sharpness of your treasure-hunting tool.yi

3) Headphones

Metal-detecting headphones are not your average pair. These are specialized to help you catch even the faintest of signals that your metal detector emits. 

By isolating the beeps and bleeps from the surrounding noise, headphones can be the difference between finding a relic or walking right past it. 

Plus, they can help conserve your detector’s battery life, as the audio signal requires less power when channeled directly into your ears.

4) Harnesses and Support Gear

Imagine searching for hours and finding that fatigue is your biggest obstacle. This is where harnesses and support gear come into play. 

By evenly distributing the weight of the detector across your body, a harness prevents arm strain and allows you to extend your search time. 

GoldXtra’s harnesses are designed with comfort in mind, so you can focus on the thrill of the hunt without the distraction of discomfort.

5) Digging Tools 

No matter how powerful your metal detector is, without the right digging tools, you may be at a loss. 

These aren’t your regular garden tools. Trowels, shovels, and pickaxes designed for metal detecting have features that minimize the risk of damaging a find while digging.

A hand digger is designed for efficient soil penetration, allowing you to excavate your find swiftly and neatly. 

GoldXtra prides itself on providing digging tools that are both sturdy and ergonomic, so you can dig up history without disturbing the present.

6) Coil Options for Different Terrain

Carrying extra coils is always beneficial. Different search scenarios require different coil types. A smaller coil can detect small items and is perfect for areas with lots of metal debris, while larger coils can cover more ground quickly and are great for open areas like fields and beaches. 

GoldXtra offers a variety of coil sizes to ensure you have the right tool for the job, whether you’re in a dense forest or a sandy shore.

7) Battery and Charging Accessories

The last thing any treasure hunter wants is for their search to be cut short due to dead batteries. 

Extra batteries and portable charging options are a must-have to keep your detector humming all day long. 

GoldXtra’s range of power accessories ensures that you’re always charged up for your next discovery.

8) GPS and Mapping Tools for Detectorists

In the modern age of metal detecting, GPS and mapping tools are invaluable. They not only help you navigate to potential hot spots but also track where you’ve already searched. 

This can be particularly useful for large-scale searches or when returning to a promising site.

Other than tools, maps to find treasure can also help you a lot to find potential places.

GoldXtra appreciates the importance of these tools and offers solutions that integrate seamlessly with your metal-detecting practice.

9) Backpacks and Bags for Detecting Expeditions

A good metal-detecting carrying bag is one of the essential accessories for your metal-detecting adventures. 

It organizes your gear, from the pinpointer to the water bottle, ensuring everything is at hand when you need it. 

GoldXtra’s carrying solutions are designed to withstand the elements, keeping your gear safe and secure, so you can roam freely and dig confidently.

10) Pouches for Storing Finds

Once an object is found, it’s vital to store it correctly. Specialized containers or pouches help in keeping these treasures safe from environmental factors.

These pouches come with multiple compartments, allowing enthusiasts to systematically store and categorize their finds.

11) Role of camps in metal detection

Camps provide a place for metal detectorists to rest and recharge. Metal detecting can be a tiring activity, and it is important for metal detectorists to have a place to rest and refuel.

Camps can provide a base of operations for metal-detecting expeditions. Metal detectorists can use their camps as a starting and ending point for their metal detecting trips.

12) Metal Detection Shoes

Shoes protect the metal detectorist’s feet from the elements. Metal detecting can be done in a variety of environments, including forests, beaches, and deserts. Shoes protect the metal detectorist’s feet from the sun, rain, cold, and other elements.

13) Important Safety Accessories

Accessories such as gloves protect the hands from potential sharp objects or hazardous materials. They also ensure that the retrieved items are not damaged due to direct handling.

Similarly, caps can protect you from direct sunlight, and with the help of knee pads your process of digging can be a lot easier as these knee pads provide comfort and protection to your knees.

14) Accessories for Gold and Jewelry Hunting

On the trail of gold or jewelry, you need tools that can perform well in specialized conditions.

Waterproof accessories are non-negotiable for beach or underwater searches, and a beach scoop is perfect for sifting through sand to reveal hidden treasures. 

GoldXtra offers tools tailored for these specific quests, enhancing your chances of striking gold.

15) Waterproof Accessories for All-Weather Use

  • Waterproof Coils: Beaches and riversides hold many treasures. Waterproof coils allow detectorists to venture into shallow waters without the risk of damaging their equipment.
  • Protective Covers: Just like an umbrella shields us from rain, protective rain covers ensure that the metal detector remains unaffected by unpredictable weather conditions.

16) Accessories for Nighttime Detection

  • Headlamp: A good headlamp is crucial for seeing the ground and your detector controls clearly. Choose one with adjustable brightness and a comfortable fit.

  • Pinpointer Light: A pinpointer with a built-in LED light helps locate targets precisely after you’ve narrowed down the area with your detector.

  • Flashlight (optional): A separate flashlight can be helpful for general tasks around your digging area.

  • High-Visibility Vest: Wearing a reflective vest improves your visibility to motorists and other people in low-light conditions.

17) Metal Detecting Wireless Accessories

Wireless technology offers a new level of freedom in metal detecting, removing the tangle of cables that can hinder movement. 

However, they do require charging, and in areas with a lot of electronic interference, they may not perform as well. 

GoldXtra weighs these factors carefully, providing wireless options that balance convenience with reliability.

Metal Detector Waterproof Accessories

Metal detecting is a captivating hobby, allowing enthusiasts to uncover hidden treasures beneath the ground. As with any outdoor activity, it’s essential to be prepared for all conditions.

Thus, having metal detector waterproof accessories can make the difference between an ordinary hunt and a truly extraordinary one.

Waterproof Coil Covers: 

Coil covers are essential for protecting the most vulnerable part of your metal detector—the coil. Waterproof coil covers not only shield the coil from water damage but also prevent debris and moisture from compromising detection accuracy. 

Investing in a quality waterproof coil cover ensures that your detector remains operational even in the most challenging underwater environments, prolonging its lifespan and performance.

Waterproof Headphones: 

Waterproof headphones are a game-changer for underwater metal detecting adventures. Designed to withstand immersion and water splashes, these headphones enable detectorists to hear signals clearly while submerged.

With adjustable settings and comfortable wear, waterproof headphones ensure uninterrupted detection sessions, allowing enthusiasts to explore aquatic environments with confidence and clarity.

Waterproof Pinpointers: 

Waterproof pinpointers are indispensable tools for locating targets with precision underwater.

 Built to withstand submersion, these handheld devices emit audio and vibration signals to pinpoint the exact location of buried treasures beneath the water’s surface. 

Waterproof pinpointers streamline retrieval efforts, making underwater metal detecting more efficient and rewarding, even in challenging conditions.

Waterproof Rain Covers: 

Waterproof rain covers offer protection for the control box of your metal detector during wet weather conditions. 

Constructed from durable materials, these covers shield sensitive electronics from rain, moisture, and splashes, ensuring uninterrupted operation in inclement weather. With a waterproof rain cover, detectorists can confidently pursue their hobby regardless of the forecast, safeguarding their equipment from water-related damage.

Waterproof Control Boxes: 

Metal detectors with waterproof control boxes are designed to withstand immersion in water, making them ideal for underwater exploration. 

These sealed control boxes protect internal components from water ingress, allowing detectorists to search rivers, lakes, and beaches without fear of damage. Waterproof control boxes offer peace of mind and reliability, empowering detectorists to uncover hidden treasures in aquatic environments.

Waterproof Backpacks or Bags: 

Waterproof backpacks or bags are essential for storing and transporting metal detecting gear in wet conditions.

Crafted from waterproof materials and featuring sealed seams, these bags keep equipment dry and protected from water damage while exploring riversides, beaches, or marshy terrain.

With ample storage space and comfortable carrying options, waterproof backpacks ensure that detectorists can embark on wet adventures with confidence and convenience.

Waterproof Battery Cases: 

Waterproof battery cases are crucial for safeguarding spare batteries from water damage during underwater metal detecting expeditions.

These airtight cases keep batteries dry and functional, ensuring reliable power supply for extended periods in wet environments. With durable construction and secure seals, waterproof battery cases provide peace of mind and uninterrupted performance, allowing detectorists to focus on their underwater discoveries.

Waterproof Pouches for Storing Finds:

Waterproof pouches are essential accessories for storing and protecting valuable finds during underwater metal detecting.

Designed to keep treasures dry and secure, these pouches feature watertight seals and durable construction, preventing water ingress and damage to artifacts.

Whether hunting for coins, jewelry, or relics, waterproof pouches ensure that detectorists can safely preserve their discoveries for further examination and enjoyment.

Waterproof GPS and Mapping Devices: 

Waterproof GPS and mapping devices are indispensable tools for navigating and marking locations during underwater metal detecting expeditions. With waterproof construction and advanced navigation features, these devices enable detectorists to track their movements, record promising sites, and plot potential search areas underwater.

Waterproof GPS and mapping devices enhance efficiency and precision, empowering detectorists to explore new territories and maximize their finds.

Waterproof Sand Scoops: 

Waterproof sand scoops are specialized tools for retrieving targets from sandy and underwater environments during metal detecting.

Constructed from durable materials and featuring perforated designs, these scoops allow water to drain quickly while capturing targets for inspection.

Waterproof sand scoops streamline the retrieval process, making it easier and more efficient to recover treasures buried beneath sand or submerged in water.

Why You Need Waterproof Accessories?

Protection from Elements: GoldXtra believes that a detectorist’s best companion is equipment that lasts. Waterproof accessories shield your detector from rain, water splashes, and moisture, extending its lifespan.

Versatility: Being prepared for all environments means you won’t miss out on potential finds. With waterproof accessories, you can explore more diverse locations.

Efficiency: Moisture can interfere with the detection process. Waterproof gear ensures consistent and accurate readings, regardless of the conditions.

Best Practices For Using Waterproof Accessories

Test First: Before diving in, always test your accessories in a controlled environment to ensure they’re truly waterproof.

Clean After Use: Especially after saltwater use, rinse your accessories with fresh water to prevent corrosion.

Stay Informed: Read the manufacturer’s guidelines. GoldXtra always provides detailed instructions with its products.

Regular Checks: Examine seals and protective covers for wear and tear regularly.

Maintenance And Care Of Waterproof Accessories

Storage: Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

Regular Cleaning: Remove dirt, sand, and salt after each use.

Replace Seals: Over time, seals might degrade. It’s essential to replace them to maintain the waterproof quality.

Avoid Chemicals: Harsh chemicals can damage the material and compromise its waterproof properties. Always opt for mild cleaning agents.

Important Considerations Before Buying

  • Compatibility: It’s crucial to ensure that the chosen accessory can seamlessly integrate with your metal detector model.
  • Purpose: Defining your primary detecting terrain, be it beaches or forests, helps in selecting the most suitable accessories.
  • Budget: While it’s tempting to buy a wide array of accessories, starting with essentials ensures you get the best value for your money.

Tips for Maximizing Your Metal Detecting Accessories

  • Stay Organized: An organized kit ensures you spend more time detecting and less time searching for tools.
  • Educate Yourself: Regularly exploring resources from experts, like GoldXtra’s tutorials, can greatly enhance your detecting skills.
  • Practice: Familiarity breeds mastery. The more you use your accessories, the more adept you’ll become in utilizing them to their full potential.

Armed with the right accessories and knowledge, metal detecting transforms from a hobby to a passion. And as you continue this journey, let GoldXtra be your trusted companion.

Innovations in Metal Detecting Accessories

The world of metal detecting is always advancing, and with it, the accessories that make treasure hunting more effective and enjoyable. 

GoldXtra is at the forefront, embracing these innovations. Staying updated with these innovations means you can spend less time digging and more time discovering.


In conclusion, metal detecting is more than just a hobby; it’s a journey of discovery and excitement. With the right accessories from GoldXtra Detectors, enthusiasts can delve deeper into the world beneath their feet, uncovering hidden treasures with precision and ease.

From pinpointers to waterproof gear, our comprehensive range ensures that every aspect of the detecting experience is enhanced, allowing detectorists to maximize their potential and make each excursion a memorable success.

So, whether you’re a seasoned detectorist or just starting out, let GoldXtra be your partner in adventure, guiding you towards new discoveries and unforgettable moments in the world of metal detecting.

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