Does Aluminium Foil block Metal detectors?


Metal detectors are designed to detect all possible objects made of any type of metal that can be caught and identified by this device. 

When the signal passes through the ground, the metal detector has a control unit that displays the ID of metals. This gives the user an idea of the type of object detected.

But does aluminum foil block metal detectors? Yes, it does.

At GoldXtra, we design our metal detectors to efficiently detect and identify a wide range of metals, including aluminum.

Even though aluminum is a non-ferrous metal, it is used in the composition of many materials in various industries. 

What Is Aluminum Foil?

Aluminum foil is a thin piece of sheet made out of aluminum metal. It is usually used for security purposes and to keep food warm, as it retains heat when a hot item like a burger is enclosed within.

It is also used for various other applications, including household items and cooking. Aluminum foils are readily available everywhere, do not corrode and are safe to use for food.

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Does Aluminum Foil Block Metal detectors?

Aluminum foil is a metal, so it cannot block metal detectors from detecting other metals. Many items composed of aluminum foil can be easily detected.

People often think aluminum is difficult to detect due to its low conductivity. Regardless of its low conductivity compared to iron or other ferrous metals, it can still be easily detected.

Similar to aluminum, aluminum foil is also easy to detect. However, it is not the preferred choice for hobbyists seeking valuable metals such as gold, silver, copper, or antiques.

When hobbyists come across aluminum foil packaging, cigarette foil, or tablet foil, it irritates them as these items hold no value.

If aluminum is your metal of choice, then it’s fine; otherwise, it can be annoying for most people.

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Does Aluminium Foil Block Metal Detectors From Finding Other Objects?

Metal detectors are widely used in airports for baggage scanning. To scan luggage, metal detectors are employed.

Often, tourists or travelers want to carry certain items they wish to hide or avoid declaring for customs.

Sometimes, these items can even be illegal, such as weapons. To conceal such items from detection, many people consider wrapping them in aluminum foil.

If the concealed object is metallic, the metal detector or scanner may only detect the aluminum foil. The radiation passing through the object is not detected. 

The aluminum foil blocks metal detectors. Thus, the output of the detector only reaches the wrapped item, successfully concealing it.

However, the significant concern here is the interpretation of the output. Security representatives will view the wrapped object in two possible ways:

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The aluminum-wrapped object will be interpreted as a blank, hollow space in your luggage. The security representative will identify the aluminum foil-wrapped space as suspiciously hollow. Based on their experience, they will identify the wrapped space as blank.

This will result in security representatives asking you to open your luggage and unwrap the object, thereby revealing it.

Color-Coded Output:

Sometimes, the detector displays a color-coded output. The color-coded output software ranks metals based on density.

For example, highly dense metals are represented by the color red. Aluminum, being less dense and lightweight, is represented by the color green. This vibrant representation may lead to the discovery of your concealed object.

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We want to make it clear that we don’t support or recommend trying to avoid metal detectors because it doesn’t work, and you won’t achieve any results.

Disclaimer: We strongly discourage our readers from engaging in prohibited actions, as they can have serious consequences, including the death penalty in some countries.


In this article, we have discussed: Does Aluminium Foil block Metal detectors? Since aluminum itself is a metal, it will not allow electromagnetic waves to pass through when something is wrapped in aluminum foil. 

Aluminum foil is mainly used for wrapping food due to its heat retention properties, making it very useful for packaging purposes.

In conclusion, while aluminum foil can be detected by metal detectors, choosing a high-quality metal detector from GoldXtra ensures that you have the most accurate and reliable detection capabilities.

That’s it for this guide. You should keep in mind to steer clear of any aluminum foil when out on your metal-detecting adventure. Happy Hunting!

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