10 Common Metal Detecting Mistakes by Kids

Metal detecting can be a thrilling hobby for kids. It combines the excitement of treasure hunting with the joy of outdoor exploration.

However, just like adults, there are some common mistakes by kids. Here’s a simple guide on what to watch out for and how to avoid these pitfalls.

Mistakes by kids to avoid

  1. Swinging too fast
  2. Not understanding the detector sounds
  3. Digging everywhere
  4. Not digging deep enough
  5. Forgetting to fill holes
  6. Not being safe
  7. Ignoring junk finds
  8. Avoiding areas with trash
  9. Not cleaning finds properly
  10. Getting discourages easily

These are some common mistakes by kids that they can avoid.

1. Swinging Too Fast

  • Mistake: Kids often swing the detector too fast due to excitement.
  • Solution: Teach them to move slowly and methodically to ensure they don’t miss any potential treasures.

2. Not Understanding the Detector Sounds

  • Mistake: Kids might get confused by the different beeps and tones.

  • Solution: Spend time familiarizing them with what each sound means, possibly by practicing with known objects first.

3. Digging Everywhere

Mistake: The urge to dig at every beep can be strong.

Solution: Help them recognize quality signals from false alarms to avoid unnecessary digging.

You can also read this article on the importance of digging every target for more information.

4. Not Digging Deep Enough

  • Mistake: Sometimes, kids might not dig deep enough due to impatience.

  • Solution: Teach them that treasures can be buried deep and that patience in digging can yield better results. Certain digging tools can help these kids to find their buried targets.

5. Forgetting to Fill Holes

  • Mistake: In the excitement of the hunt, kids might forget to cover their tracks.

  • Solution: Emphasize the importance of filling holes after digging to leave the area as they found it.

6. Not Being Safe

  • Mistake: Safety might not always be a kid’s first thought.

  • Solution: Ensure they always have protective gloves and are supervised, especially when handling unknown objects.

7. Ignoring Junk Finds

  • Mistake: Kids might get discouraged by junk items and ignore them.

  • Solution: Explain that every find, even if it’s junk, is part of the adventure and can still be a learning experience.

8. Avoiding Areas with Trash

  • Mistake: Kids might avoid areas with visible trash, thinking there’s no treasure there.

  • Solution: Let them know that areas with trash can sometimes have the most unexpected treasures hidden among the debris.

9. Not Cleaning Finds Properly

  • Mistake: In the excitement, kids might be rough while cleaning their discoveries.

  • Solution: Show them gentle methods to clean finds without damaging them.

10. Getting Discouraged Easily

  • Mistake: Not finding anything significant on their first few tries can be disheartening.

  • Solution: Remind them that metal detecting is as much about the journey as the treasures. Every trip is a new adventure, and persistence pays off.


Metal detecting is a fantastic hobby for kids, teaching them patience, persistence, and the value of exploration.
By guiding them away from these common mistakes, you can ensure they have a rewarding and enjoyable experience every time they head out with their detector.

Remember, every beep is a potential treasure waiting to be unearthed!

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