8 Tips on How To Efficiently Use A Coil?

Using a metal detector efficiently is essential because once you know how to efficiently use a coil, you start covering more ground faster and increase your chances of finding treasure. Alternatively, if you are not efficient, you will waste too much time digging through trash and end up frustrated.

Metal detecting is an art that is not just about having the best equipment, but also knowing how to use it effectively.

To make sure you do not fall for common mistakes made when metal detecting, we are going to give you 8 tips on how to efficiently use a coil so that you can get to metal detecting the quick and right way.

The coil is the heart of a metal detector, picking up signals from buried objects. Using it the right way can enhance your detecting experience. 

Tips on How To Efficiently Use A Coil?

Here are some essential tips to get the most out of your coil.

  1. Begin with the basics
  2. Know your terrain
  3. Maintaining proper positioning
  4. Optimal swing speed
  5. Overlap your swings
  6. Regularly check sensitivity settings
  7. Clean the coil
  8. Stay updated

1. Begin with the Basics: 

  • Before diving into the intricacies, always read the manufacturer’s manual for your specific coil. 
  • This ensures that you’re acquainted with its features and capabilities.

2. Know Your Terrain 

  • Each environment has its quirks. For instance, why use a small coil in trashy areas? 
  • Small coils can easily maneuver and differentiate between closely spaced objects, ensuring you’re not constantly digging up junk.
  • So in order to know how to efficiently use a coil you must first thoroughly investigate the area you are going to explore.

3. Maintain Proper Positioning

  • One of the most crucial tips is keeping the coil parallel to the ground. 
  • This allows for uniform depth detection and reduces the chances of missing any targets.
  • Also by maintaining a proper posture, you can minimize the risk of back pain, ensuring you can hunt for long increasing your efficiency.

4. Optimal Swing Speed

  • Move the coil at a steady pace. Too fast, and you might miss out on weaker signals; too slow, and you’re reducing the ground you cover.
  • Also if you swing too fast you will tire out quickly and will have to take breaks more frequently.

5. Overlap Your Swings

  • Ensure that you slightly overlap each pass. This ensures that no ground is left uncovered.
  • Also, make a grid pattern of the ground you are covering in your mind to ensure that no area remains undetected.

6. Regularly Check Sensitivity Settings

  • Depending on the area’s mineralization and the objects you’re seeking, adjust the sensitivity settings for optimal performance.
  • Keep in mind to not set the sensitivity too high, or too low, for optimal performance you need to strike a balance that will ensure the detection of target and minimize false tones as well.

7. Clean the Coil

  • After each use, make sure to clean the coil to remove any dirt or debris. This maintains its efficiency and extends its lifespan.

8. Stay Updated

  • New techniques, technologies, and tricks come up often in the world of metal detection. Keep learning and stay updated to make the best use of your coil.


Mastering the efficient use of a metal detector’s coil can make a noticeable difference in your treasure-hunting adventures. 

Remember to adapt based on the terrain, keep your coil well-maintained, and never stop learning. 

Now that you know the most important tips and tricks on how to efficiently use a coil, you can start your metal detecting journey with the right mindset.

The treasures of the past are waiting to be discovered, and with these tips, you’re one step closer to finding them.

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