How To Choose A Metal Detector?


If you are planning to buy a metal detector we at GoldXtra have summarized some points for you to consider. If you don’t have any idea about metal detectors, reading this article will help you buy the best one. This will save you money and time.

People are always curious about how to choose a metal detector. In this article, we will explain the points you should keep in mind before selecting the device for your purpose.

How To Choose A Metal Detector– Follow the Steps 

Decide On The Target Object You Want To Detect

First, you need to learn about target objects in your area or any other locations where you want to detect them. You should find out what type of target objects you want to detect with a metal detector.


There can be coins in your area. Coins are flat, circular metallic objects that can be made of any metal like gold, silver, iron, or copper.

Coins could have historic value, and they can be antique depending on their age. Being historic and antique will add a premium to their value when you sell them in the market.

There are specified devices made for coin detection. The frequency of those metal detectors is optimized for coins.


Devices for relics are specialized for large-size objects. These devices can also detect coins, but their frequency is optimized for relics. Relics can be jewelry items, statues, utensils, decorative items, and weapons.


There can be treasure chests and treasure boxes (filled with coins or jewelry items). These items are large. The metal detectors for treasure hunting have high-depth potential, and they miss small target objects. These are advanced-level devices, and you need a good amount of money to buy them.

Gold Nuggets:

Gold nuggets are naturally existing pieces of gold. These gold nuggets are completely in raw form and present in hilly and rocky areas.

The devices for gold nuggets are highly sensitive, and they do not miss small pieces of gold, but you may have to compromise on depth. If you only want to focus on gold nuggets, then you can buy a device designed for that purpose.

Take Into Account The Type Of Your Ground

You have to check your ground conditions. If you have basic ground that has soft soil without any mineralization, then you can use any beginner-level device.

But if you have highly mineralized soil and there are hard stones, then you need an advanced-level device. These devices have a ground balance system to counter highly mineralized soil. 

Beginner-level detector won’t work on highly mineralized soil. They will become noisy and create distortion.

However, if you use an advanced device, it will minimize the ground effect and only give you a signal on the target object.

Considering ground conditions before selecting a device is a good option. There are also other types of soil conditions like beaches and deserts.

To cope with these ground conditions, there are different modes in devices like beach mode or salt mode. If your device has these modes for complicated ground conditions, it will be beneficial for you.

Level Of Discrimination Required

If you have to work in trashy areas or construction sites, then you should buy a device that provides a discrimination feature. This allows you to reject iron directly from being detected.

If you want to discard any other metal like aluminum foil or brass, then you’ll need a notch filter for that purpose. When choosing a device, ensure it fulfills all your needs.

Output Required

Some devices give analog output; they don’t have a screen display, and sometimes you only get audio output.

Then there are digital devices where you get a digital display output. You can see the proper target ID of the detected target and select different modes.

3D devices can give a color display, and you can see the graphical representation of any object underground. You can also differentiate between ferrous and non-ferrous objects. Sometimes these devices can tell the depth and composition of metals underground.

You can shortlist devices according to the output you want.

Headphone Availability

Some devices don’t have an option for headphones, and some have options. However, some manufacturers don’t provide headphones with their devices.

Some manufacturers provide headphones with the devices. GoldXtra caters to all detectorists by providing metal detectors with and without headphone compatibility, ensuring that every user’s preference is met.

Some devices support wireless headphones. It depends on you and what kind of device you want. If you don’t have any privacy issues and don’t want to work with headphones on, then you can select a device that doesn’t come with headphones.

You can also select a device that doesn’t support them. If you have privacy issues, then you can consider devices with headphones.


If you are going to buy a beginner-level device, then you don’t have to spend a lot of money. If you want a device for long-term use and maximum possible results, then you should consider an advanced-level device.

If you want to pursue metal detection professionally, then you have to buy a professional device. These devices will require investment accordingly.

You can select a device according to your budget and the purpose you want to achieve because there are many options available in the market. You can also consider professional advice before shortlisting a device.

After finalizing the budget and purpose of the device, you have to consider the options you have. Whether you want a Turkish device, a German device, a USA device, or any Canadian device. You can select which region’s device you want to buy.

After selecting the region, you can shortlist the models. Make a list of models that you like, and then learn about the pros and cons of these models.

Check Reviews Online

There are many sites on the internet where you can check the reviews of the device you are going to buy. You can also watch testing videos of that device on YouTube. Then you can compare the different devices you have shortlisted to select the better one.

Get Recommendations From Experts

If you know people in your circle who are into metal detection, then you must ask them for recommendations because experts can guide you better. Sometimes you can also take recommendations from the store where you are buying a device.

Compare Warranty, Spare Parts & Prices

You have to check the warranty of the devices before buying. Different devices have different warranties; some have a 2-year warranty, and some have a 3-4-year warranty. This depends on the brand.

Then you have to check if spare parts for the device are available in your area. Also, compare prices of different models and different brands before buying.

Buy From Authorized Distributors

Make sure to buy from authorized distributors. Go to the brand’s website, select where to buy, insert your location, and check the nearest store. If there is an option for online orders, you can also choose that. 

There are many counterfeit products available in the market, so you have to buy from authentic dealers with a warranty. Avoid second-hand and replica products. If you want to invest, then invest in brand-new, authentic products.

Understand how to use a metal detector effectively.


How to choose a metal detector — There are several points you should keep in mind before buying a metal detector. First, decide on the target object you want to detect. Then, take into account the type of ground you will be detecting, and consider the level of discrimination required. Determine the output you need from the device and check the availability of headphones. 

Set your budget and consider reviews online as well as recommendations from experts. Compare warranties, spare parts availability, and prices of different models and brands. Lastly, make sure to buy from authorized distributors to ensure the authenticity of the product.

By following these guidelines, you will be able to choose the best metal detector that suits your needs and preferences. Happy metal detecting!

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