How sensitivity affects the depth of your metal detector

Metal detecting is an exciting hobby where people use special devices to find hidden treasures underground. One important feature of a metal detector is its sensitivity. Sensitivity refers to the device’s ability to detect small or deep objects.

The more sensitive a metal detector is, the better it can find tiny or deeply buried items. Understanding how sensitivity affects your metal detector’s performance can help you make better choices and improve your chances of discovering valuable items.

When you adjust the sensitivity of your metal detector, you are changing how deeply and accurately it can search. High sensitivity settings allow the detector to pick up smaller and deeper objects.

However, setting the sensitivity too high can also cause the detector to pick up more “noise” or unwanted signals from things like minerals in the soil.

This can make it harder to find what you are looking for. On the other hand, lower sensitivity settings reduce noise but may miss smaller or deeper targets. Finding the right balance is key to successful metal detecting.

How sensitivity affects the depth of your metal detector.

Sensitivity: A Quick Overview

In basic terms, sensitivity in a metal detector refers to its ability to pick up signals from metal objects. 

Higher sensitivity can detect objects deeper in the ground, while lower sensitivity might restrict this depth. For more details about sensitivity settings, you can read this article, Adjusting Sensitivity on Your Metal Detectors.

Depth and Sensitivity: The Connection

Higher Sensitivity:

  • Detects deeper buried objects.
  • Useful for small objects like tiny jewelry or thin coins.
  • But, might also pick up false signals from minerals or other interferences.

Lower Sensitivity:

  • Focuses on objects closer to the surface.
  • Reduces false signals.
  • Might miss out on deeper treasures.

Factors Affecting Depth Sensitivity:

  • Ground Conditions:
    Mineral-rich soils can interfere with detection.
    In such terrains, a very high sensitivity might result in many false signals.
    Adjusting it down can help.
  • Object Size & Type:

    Bigger objects are easier to detect at greater depths, even at lower sensitivities.

    For smaller objects, you might need to notch up the sensitivity.
  • Detector’s Coil Size:

    Larger coils can search deeper but might miss tiny items.

    Sensitivity adjustments can aid in balancing this.

Balancing Sensitivity for Depth:

  • Start Neutral: Always start with a medium sensitivity setting. Adjust based on what you observe.
  • Test in Different Terrains: Try your metal detector on various grounds like sandy beaches, parks, or mineral-rich areas. Adjust sensitivity and note the differences.
  • Use Known Items: Place items like coins at different depths in the ground. Try detecting them with varying sensitivity settings.

Tips to Remember:

  • Avoid Maxing Out: Always using the highest sensitivity isn’t ideal. It might give many false positives, especially in mineralized soils.
  • Note External Factors: Nearby electronics, power lines, or other detectors can affect your readings. Adjust sensitivity to mitigate these disturbances.
  • Practice Makes Perfect: Over time, you’ll develop an intuition for the right sensitivity settings in different situations.

Depth Indicators on Modern Detectors:

Many modern metal detectors come with depth indicators, showing an estimate of how deep the detected object is. While these are helpful:

  • Remember they are estimates and can vary based on the object’s size, orientation, and ground conditions.
  • Use them with sensitivity adjustments for the best results.


Understanding how sensitivity affects the depth of detection in your metal detector can significantly enhance your treasure-hunting experience. 

By mastering this balance, you’ll be better equipped to find treasures, be they near the surface or deeper below. 

Dive into the world of metal detecting with newfound confidence, and may your adventures be successful!

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