Target ID Settings in Metal Detection 

Metal detecting is a hobby filled with excitement and the thrill of discovery. One tool that helps make this pastime more rewarding is the Target ID.

If you’ve ever been curious about what Target-ID means in the world of metal detection, this simple guide is for you.

What is Target ID?

At its core, Target-ID is a feature in modern metal detectors that provides a visual or numeric indication of the type of metal detected. 

Instead of just hearing a beep, you get an idea of what metal might be beneath the ground.

How Does Target-ID Work?

  • Frequency Response: Different metals respond to the detector’s frequency in varied ways. The Target ID analyzes this response.
  • Numeric Scale: Many detectors show a number, typically between 0 and 99, indicating the metal type.

    For instance, iron might register at the lower end, while silver could show a higher number.
  • Visual Icons: Some detectors offer icons like a coin, gold nugget, or iron nail. This gives users a quick idea of their findings without interpreting numbers.

Benefits of Using Target-ID

  • Less Guessing: Knowing what’s beneath the surface can save you time.

    If you’re looking for coins and the Target ID indicates an aluminum tab, you might decide to move on.
  • Filtering Unwanted Items: By understanding the probable type of metal, you can avoid digging up trash.
  • Depth Information: Some Target-ID features also provide depth indicators, helping you understand how deep you’ll need to dig.

Tips for Effective Settings of Target-ID

  • Ground Conditions: Ensure your metal detector is correctly customized for the ground conditions.
  • Practice: Like any tool, the more you use Target-ID, the better you’ll understand its readings.
  • Use in Pairing: Target-ID should be used alongside other metal-detecting techniques for the best results.

Understanding Target-ID Limitations

While Target-ID is a valuable tool, it’s essential to remember:

  • Not Always Accurate: Various factors, like soil conditions or overlapping targets, can affect accuracy.
  • General Indication: Target-ID gives a general idea, not a guarantee. An item identified as a coin could still be a washer or some other circular metal object.


Target ID in metal detection is a game-changer, turning guesswork into a more informed hunt. 

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By understanding and utilizing this feature, you can enhance your metal-detecting experience, making each outing more fruitful.

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